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Prepare Your Deck for El Nino

Procoat Painting - Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Staining and painting your decks and fences is going to be absolutely essential for keeping El Nino at bay! For everyone in San Diego El Nino means that we will all finally get some rain, actually tons of rain. All of this rain means that your deck, patio, and fences are all at risk for water damage. Whether it’s paint or stain that fits your home’s exterior style best our wood finishing and refinishing services are here to get your house ready for El Nino and the rainy season.

Deck staining and fence staining is a great way to bring out the natural beauty of the wood being used. Exterior stains are highly recommended since they tend to last longer than most deck painting and fence painting options. Exterior paints are excellent at covering the woods grain, adding color, and hiding any unwanted imperfections. But no matter which route you choose both options will seal and protect the wood from the harmful effects of sun and rain damage. We know that many people love to DIY these types of projects but trust us this is one that you want the professionals at Procoat Painting to complete, it is vital that all of it is water-tight and done correctly.

El Nino at its core is essentially the warming of ocean temperature in areas south of California. How south? Well it’s approximately in an area 1,000 to 2,000 miles south that is the cause of all of these atmospheric disturbances all around the world. For all of us here in San Diego it essentially just means that all of those subtropical jet streams full of moisture are pushing its way into our atmosphere and collides. Many experts are predicting that El Nino will hit us here in Southern California by late May through April, so don’t procrastinate on giving us a call to get your free quote today.

If your home’s deck, fencing, patio, or other outdoor wood products aren’t sealed properly the excess rain will not only discolor your lumber but it can also cause it to rapidly age. Your wood surfaces will also be at risk for splits, cracks, warping, and may deteriorate the strength and safety of that product. Avoid the headache and additional costs of repairs down the road by being prepared.

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