How will the paint be applied?

This depends entirely on the job at hand and the best way to achieve the desired finish. Each method has its benefits, for example:

Brush – Painting with a brush is often necessary when coating areas such as textured walls. We often use paintbrushes to finish areas that are difficult to reach such as corners or in repainting doors & frames
Roll – For smooth surfaces, using a paint roller provides an even coating that results in a flawless and attractive finish. It is also beneficial to use a paint roller when painting heavily textured areas on exterior paint applications and areas such as painting wood siding.
Spray – Spray painting may be required to coat surfaces such as exterior stucco or when painting eaves on a residential painting project. Also, when a high-gloss, blemish-free finish is the goal, spray painting is the ideal method of application. This is commonly the go to method in painting doors and frames and cabinet finishes on new construction and residential re paint jobs.

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